When making property decisions that impact your family now and in the future, you need Eminent property partner. We understand that your home is an important part of your life, it houses your family and it’s where memories are made.


At Eminence Realtors we take pride in ourselves by helping buyers find the right property. Our experienced team will help you find the right property and then attain that property at the right price. Put our team to work for buying your next home.

Why to buy with us?

  • We are associated with major reputed developers of Mumbai
  • We do not charge brokerage if property purchased from developer through us
  • We will assist you throughout the home buying process
  • We will engage in a thorough review of all local area homes for sale and schedule time for you to view these properties
  • We can negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible price for your new home
  • We will provide you with a comprehensive review of the local real estate market
  • We can set up appointments for you to showcase projects and homes that interest you
  • We will help you complete all the necessary paperwork when it comes time to make an offer
  • We will help you arrange financing
  • We will be there at closing to answer your questions and make sure everything runs smoothly
  • Disposition

    Selling your home can be a complex process. Our team will help you with the entire home selling process. We will help you get the best price for your home or property.

    Why to sell with us?

  • We review competition in the area and update you with the happenings of the micro market
  • We negotiate on your behalf to receive the most money for your property home
  • We network with other real estate professionals to find the perfect buyer for your home
  • We arrange showings of your home that works in conjunction with your schedule
  • We advise you how to best prepare your property for potential buyers to view
  • We engage in a comprehensive advertising campaign to give your home the ideal amount of exposure
  • We utilise technology including online portals to showcase your property to other real estate agents along with potential home buyers
  • We work with you through the complex paperwork and legal issues that can impact the sale of your home
  • We represent you in a manner that is both professional and thorough
  • We tailor the sale of your home to the area of your property and each of its unique features
  • Leasing

    Tenant Representation:

  • We arrange inspections of properties that match your preferences and budgets
  • We handle all documentation and legal issues
  • We maintain the company’s property portfolio

  • Landlord Representation:

  • We advise on fair market rent
  • We market the property to potential clients
  • We arrange inspections of the property
  • We assist with negotiations, deal finalisation, legal documentation and registration

    Eminence Realtors are more than real estate agents looking for real estate listings. We are a dedicated team of truly passionate, property professionals who understand our clients’ needs and wants.

    Sohail Vasaiwala
    Mobile: +91 9819 885 525
    Mail: sohail@eminencerealtors.com

    Sohail Vasaiwala’s success is built on more than 10 years experience in an Industry he loves, delivering outstanding results and experiences across a broad range of most prestigious homes. It should come as no surprise that the consistently exceptional level of work he provides his clients results in countless referrals. With referrals being the highest form of flattery in the industry, people who have experienced his work first hand are regularly recommending him to others. With 70% of his business being referral based, his first-class service is self-evident. He services all areas but believes his specialities are the luxurious and ultra-luxurious residences in South Mumbai. This determined Property Consultant delivers exceptional communication between himself and his clients. He ensures no one is ever waiting on him or in need of additional information about anything throughout the buying or selling process. He is passionate about both people and property and looks forward to assisting you with all your real estate needs.

    Tashir Dhrolia
    Mobile: +91 9867 864 611
    Mail: tashir@eminencerealtors.com

    Tashir Dhrolia is highly motivated, passionate professional with experience of just above 4 years in the real estate industry and he's excited about supporting the firm continue to grow by adding financial expertise, management and analytical experience and a strong work ethic to an already thriving management team. One of the factors that attracted him to real estate was the opportunity it provides to help people who are undergoing a major life change. When it comes to initiating new relations he has the ability to work with people from all walks of life ranging from industrialists, professionals, retirees, developers, investors, families and first homebuyers. He also has experience of other facets of running a business as he was responsible for overseeing production, human resources, sales, marketing and finance.

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